Throughout this pandemic, children are still coming into care. If becoming a foster parent has been on your mind, please reach out to us. In response to COVID-19, our Foster Parent Information Sessions will be done through online Skype meetings for the foreseeable future. For information about a Skype facilitated information session in your area, please visit “Upcoming Information Sessions” to find your local Foster Parent Recruitment Representative.
A close up of Guy
“She believed in me until I could believe in myself.”
- Guy, Former youth in care

With someone to foster their potential, there’s no telling how far they’ll go.

Right now, there are too many children and youth across BC who need loving, supportive foster families to provide a safe place when they can’t live at home. They’re good kids caught in bad situations and they deserve better. So if you’ve been thinking about becoming a foster caregiver, don’t wait any longer. You could be just what they need to succeed.

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Or call 1-800-663-9999

A picture of Guy, former youth in care, standing in front of the Vancouver skyline, holding a picture of himself when he was young.

Meet Guy

A picture of Alex with his foster parents Rusty and Justin sitting on a couch while Alex holds a picture of himself as a child

Meet Alex

A picture of Jessica, foster parent and former youth in care holding a picture of herself as a young child

Meet Jessica

Discover the joys of being a foster caregiver.

When we became foster caregivers we wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in care. What we didn’t expect was how it would make a difference in our own lives.

Choose to make a difference in someone’s life.

A family picture of Jacob and Svea, foster parents
“Fostering is a lifestyle choice that can change the outcome of future generations. We have the power to give children hope and encourage them on their journey.”

- Jacob & Svea

A closeup of Jodi, a foster parent
“Fostering has brought years of hard work but so many wonderful moments and amazing relationships, and now it has brought me a son.”

- Jodi

Two foster moms and their foster daughter

You are ready to foster a child. True or false? Take our quick quiz.

There are a lot of myths about foster families. Test your knowledge before making a decision.

How to become a foster caregiver in 12 to 18 months

  1. Call 1-800-663-9999 to request an information package.
  2. Attend an information session.
  3. Submit your application.
  4. Complete mandatory pre-service training.
  5. Complete a home study.

Meet Russell and Darrell, foster caregivers since 2001.

After fostering over 30 kids and adopting five, they have one message for anyone who is thinking about becoming a foster caregiver—“Don’t wait. Believe in yourself and in that child.”